Events Up To 2021

While Covid took over early in 2020, members of WV4EY continued to lobby MPs, write and make the case for an outward looking Britain locally and nationally.

January 2020

Jo, Graham and Catriona went to Westminster Central Hall for the Grassroots for Europe Where Next for Remain Conference. Thoughts will be shared at the Hare and Hounds in Crowton this Thursday from 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome; we heard in London that groups have seen new members since the General Election 2019 and will be warmly welcoming new people.

October - December 2019

We were campaigning across Weaver Vale, in the streets and delivering leaflets. While our members come from different political parties and some have no political affiliation, we campaigned for tactical voting in order that pro-remain voters could return an MP who supported a second referendum on Brexit and upholds progressive values. Despite only a 1% chance of retaining his seat, Weaver Vale's MP bucked the trend on election night by retaining the seat for Labour. We hope we helped a little

September 2019

14th - Northwich Artisan Market Day

The visitors to our stall were overwhelmingly Remain. It seems Northwich may be a Remainer Now.

7th - Protest in Chester

Members of the public and friends from Chester, Eddisbury and Weaver Vale for Europe spoke in Chester about Brexit. We met new friends from Mold for EU. The European Union is finding many new friends from areas who voted Leave in 2016.

August 2019

28th - MP Mike Amesbury comes out against prorogation of Parliament.

We joined friends from Chester for EU and Eddisbury for EU to protest against Boris Johnson's shutting down the voice of Parliament to get through his No Deal Brexit. Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury spoke with passion and conviction on the assault on the democratic institution of a parliamentary and representative democracy.

The prorogation of parliament is something that has united people from across the House and many Leavers who want a deal and Remainers have found some common ground.

July 2019

One of our rocks for EU was picked up by Cheshire Police and has gone off for some new adventures.

Rocks were painted on 23rd June in Marbury Park when we remembered MP for Batley and Spen, Jo Cox, murdered by a far right extremist just before the EU referendum in 2016.

June 2019

23rd - Picnic at Marbury Park.

From 1.30pm with your picnic and a chair/groundsheet. We will be inviting people to join us painting #EUrocks, and handing them out to be placed around the constituency.

May 2019

11th - Hustings for pro-remain candidates in the EU elections.

Candidates from pro-remain parties Change UK, Greens, Liberal Democrats and UK EU sat with pro-remain Conservative and Labour candidates. While the Conservative party is unequivocally pro Brexit, their MEP Sajjad Karim has been making the case for remaining in the UK. Julie Ward for Labour is convinced the party will move to be unequivocally for a People's Vote. It was interesting to see that all the candidates have much in common.

April 2019

29th - Protest at Forest Hills where our MP Mike MP and shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner were at a fundraiser for Labour.

1st - Meeting at Kingsmead

March 2019

29th - Jo goes to Strasbourg to meet our MEPs

23rd - People's Vote march - London

18th - meeting at Blue Cap, Sandiway

9th - Street stalls in Frodsham and Northwich

Street stalls have consistently shown a majority for a People's Vote and remaining in the EU.

Members of Weaver Vale for Europe have been leafleting on Kingsmead, Hartford, Runcorn and Frodsham. If you'd like to come to London and march with us, we're meeting up in London outside Primark on Oxford Street (the Park Lane end) from 11:30am. Chester for Europe are also meeting there so we hope to have quite a crowd from Cheshire and Runcorn.

4th - meeting in Kingsmead

February 2019

25th - meeting in Davenham

Introducing our youngest member.

23rd - street stalls in Hartford, Weaverham and Northwich

Thank you to everyone, leavers as well as remainers, who stopped and engaged with the street stalls.

10th - a warm welcome to Lord Andrew Adonis

Lord Andrew Adonis made a whistle stop tour to Northwich on 10th and despite the short notice we welcomed over eighty people. Thank you to friends at Chester for Europe and Warrington for Europe for all their help and Manchester for Europe for coming over. It was lovely to welcome local residents who came out in force. When asked what we can do, Lord Adonis was quite clear: make the case for our membership of the EU and contact your MP.

'If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy.'

David Davis - Brexit secretary until his resignation in 2018

Refreshments for remainers and leavers - European Diversity or Brexit bent bananas?

Elected members, the overwhelming majority of whom voted Remain, will take confidence knowing that they have support from their constituents. One resident went home and wrote an open letter to our MP Mike Amesbury. Another sent the great letter here.

You can contact our MP, Mike Amesbury or make a time to speak to him at one of his local surgeries.

6th - with friends at Chester for Europe

Weaver Vale constituents attended meeting at The Firs school in Chester gave an opportunity to hear speakers from a number of political parties and the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK.

January 2019

Street stall in Northwich with friends from Chester for Europe. The Brexitometer showed a clear preference for a second vote with very little support for no deal.