Weaver Vale for Europe uphold defending democracy. We will campaign for all political candidates in our constituency to include electoral reform and making all votes matter in their parties' manifestos.

in the General Election 2019 a majority of Weaver Vale constituents backed remaining in the EU

2016 - of 46,500,001 people in the UK eligible to vote in the referendum, 17,410,742 voted leave.

2016 - 49.5% of Weaver Vale constituents voted to remain in the EU.

2018 - In a poll of Weaver Vale constituents, 54% would have voted to remain in a second referendum.

2019 - 53% of voters in the UK voted for pro-remain parties and Weaver Vale returned Mike Amesbury for a second term of office.

Therefore, while we must accept that Britain has left the EU, we do not accept that it had majority support from the British public. We will hold the government to their promises of prosperity and sunlit uplands. We will promote friendly and cooperative relations with our European partners: our closest trading partners and cultural neighbours.

a fairer voting system

Smaller parties lose votes because people who want to support them worry their vote will be wasted. A fairer voting system means we would be able to vote for the people we really want to elect, knowing our vote won't be wasted.

Our First Past the Post electoral system means winner takes all, sometimes by a handful of votes. This is why, despite having less than 50% of the votes cast, Johnson managed to get a huge overall majority of seats in parliament in the last General Election.

In 2019 some MPs needed more votes than others

  • Green MPs needed 865,697 votes to return one MP

  • Liberal Democrats needed 336,038 votes for each of their MPs

  • Labour MPs were returned on 50,835 votes

  • Conservative MPs only needed 38,264

This means that all but one party will benefit from a fairer voter system. A fair voting system would mean that for a prime minister to have a majority in parliament, a majority of people would need to have voted for their party.

general election 2019

Weaver Vale returned our MP, Mike Amesbury to Westminster. This was despite the prediction being he had a 99% chance of losing his seat. That Mike, who supported a second referendum and our membership of the EU, retained his seat was thanks to many voters: Greens, Lib Dems and pro-European Conservatives who voted tactically alongside traditional Labour supporters.

Mike will be working in parliament to hold the Tory Brexit Government to account, protecting the interests of all his constituents here in Weaver Vale.