In the General Election 2019 the majority of Weaver Vale constituents backed remaining in the EU.

Did you vote Leave in 2016 and would vote Remain now? Remainer Now is an online community who share how their thoughts on Brexit have changed. Leavers from 2016 are welcomed on our marches and at events. You are welcome to sign up for information or to join us to Weaver Vale for EU and other local groups.

2016 - 49.1% of Weaver Vale constituents voted to remain in the EU.

2018 - 54% of Weaver Vale constituents would vote to remain in a second referendum.

2019 - 53% of voters in the UK voted for pro-remain parties and Weaver Vale returned Mike Amesbury for a second term of office.

We are a cross party group who do not support any political party but have friendly relations with the Remainer politicians. Remainers are united in opposition to Brexit and come from the Conservative, Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and SNP as well as people unaffiliated to a political party.

What has the EU done for Weaver Vale and the rest of Britain? Find out here.

And of course coming out of the EU will mean all this funding will cease.

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